WorxAudio V215S | Extreme high SPL extended bass loudspeaker system


2,400W of Rock-Solid Lows

The TrueLine V215S is designed to satisfy the need for an extreme high-SPL sub bass loudspeaker system. Components have been selected solely for their performance.

The TrueLine V215S utilizes dual direct radiating, 15-inch, 1,200W cone drivers in a tuned enclosure, which provides maximum output with minimal distortion and smooth extended low-frequency response. The tour-tested, highly braced, 15-ply Baltic birch enclosure and 15 mm thick baffle board construction provide unsurpassed rigidity and strength.

Built to last.

The enclosure is built to truck-pack dimensions for efficient transportation of multiple units and should be arrayed to increase performance in large or outdoor venues. The TrueLine V215S is designed to be used for low frequency sections in multi-way speaker systems, or as a sub bass section in any sound system requiring extend low-frequency response and the highest quality audio reproduction.

The TrueLine V215S comes with a multi-layered, catalyzed polyurethane finish and is offered with black and white color options. The TrueLine V215S delivers the transparent sonic quality and easy portability necessary for the demands of professional audio today.


Key features

  • Dual direct-radiating, 15-inch, 1,200W cone drivers

  • Extended low frequency

  • High-level output

  • High power handling

  • Low power compression

  • Removable caster board

  • Tour-grade enclosure and mechanics

  • Powder-coated steel grille with a high transmission ratio

Technical Specifications

System Performance

Frequency Response (-3 dB) *          35 Hz – 150 Hz

Frequency Range (-10 dB)          30 Hz – 150 Hz

Recommended Highpass          30 Hz – with minimum 24 dB / octave (4th order) Butterworth slope

Nominal directivity (-6 dB)          Omni or cardioid

Recommended Crossover Frequency          90 Hz (acoustic, active, external DSP)

RMS handling capacity **          LF: 2400W

Maximum SPL @ 1 meter ***          141 dB ([WorxAudio] preset)


Components          LF: 15” (381 mm) x 2

Nominal Impedance          LF = 4Ω, Self Powered


Enclosure          Baltic birch plywood, engineered plastics, and aluminum frame

Finish          Two-part spray catalyzed Polyurea coating on plywood

Grille          14-gauge (1.0 mm) perforated stainless steel, powder-coated finish, black

Environmental          Indoor use only

Connectors          Two (2) parallel-wired NL4 Neutrik® Speakon® connectors

Power Amp Connectors          Neutrik® powerCON (AC) XLR M/F (In/Out)

Suspension/Mounting          Internal bracket w/ threaded 0.375” flying points (x24)

Dimensions          18” H x 28” W x 30.0” D (457.2 mm x 711.2 mm x 762 mm)

Net Weight          136 lb. (61.68 kg)

Shipping Weight          146 lb. (66.22 kg) - approximate with carton

Product Versions          V215i, V215i-P, V215T, V215T-P

Digital Power Amp          

  • PXD-2500

  • 2500W (x1) LF

  • Digital (100) program processing, LCD readout

  • XLR M/F Isolated I/O

  • AC powerCON I/O"


*          Frequency response and range measured on-axis with anechoic environment.

**          Power handling tested using pink noise filtered to meet IEC 268-5, 6 dB crest factor, 100 hours, with recommended EQ.

***          Peak level measured at 1m under free field conditions using 10 dB crest factor pink noise with specified ([WorxAudio] preset) and corresponding EQ settings.



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