SL Room Control | Control Software for StudioLive AI-series Loudspeakers


PreSonus® StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration™ loudspeakers offer a wealth of system-control and performance-monitoring features that give you unprecedented control. 

Complete wireless control and performance monitoring.

PreSonus® StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration™ loudspeakers offer a wealth of system-control and performance-monitoring features that give you unprecedented control. The secret to accessing these features is SL Room Control, a speaker-management system and remote-control/monitoring software for Mac® and Windows®.

A high-end speaker processor onboard.

SL Room Control puts you in command of every feature of each StudioLive® AI loudspeaker in your system. Offering the equivalent control of a rack-mount loudspeaker-management system and more, SL Room Control works wirelessly or over a wired (Ethernet) local area network, so you can use it from anywhere that you can access the network. If you fly your speakers, you don’t have to mess around with a lift to make adjustments; you simply make the changes on a Mac® or Windows® PC via a wired or wireless LAN network.

Optimize each speaker for its application.

Each StudioLive AI-series loudspeaker is equipped with DSP contours that change the character of the speaker in a fundamental way, adjusting FIR filters, alignment, and crossover settings to customize the loudspeaker for different applications: live front-of-house, playing back prerecorded music, or stage wedge. SL Room Control provides remote control over these DSP contours, allowing you to optimize each speaker for its application without needing access to the back panel.

Preserve your settings—even when you’re not connected.

With SL Room Control, you can edit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters, as well as set custom labels and comments for each speaker. Save complete snapshots of every speaker setting and copy-and-paste speaker settings quickly and easily between loudspeakers. Every setting is immediately stored in the StudioLive AI loudspeaker’s User Layer. As a result, you can configure your loudspeaker system with SL Room Control and then disconnect the application without changing the sound you’ve created.

Manage speakers and groups.

SL Room Control not only provides extensive control and performance monitoring for each speaker in your system, it also lets you group speakers in order to manage specific parts of the system, then save all settings for the entire system in a single preset.

Control the entire system at once!

With SL Room control, you can create settings not only for each individual speaker and group of speakers but for the entire system in your venue. When you first launch SL Room Control, you will be taken to the Venue page, where you can manage multiple loudspeaker groups with a single Venue preset. As you create Venue presets, SL Room Control automatically stores them, and they are displayed across the bottom of the Venue page. Each preset thumbnail displays the number of groups and the number of speakers inside that Venue preset.

No-stress, real-time performance monitoring.

An outboard speaker processor can’t monitor your loudspeakers’ performance. In contrast, SL Room Control keeps your stress level low by enabling you to monitor key performance indicators in real time for each speaker on the network. Spot thermal problems, driver over-excursion, and signal levels that are too hot so you can correct them before disaster strikes.



Remote Control over:

  • DSP contours

  • 100 Hz highpass filter (312AI, 315AI, 328AI)

  • Polarity invert (18sAI)

  • Coming soon: Front-panel blue power-status LED (on/off)

Network Setup wizard:

  • Network scanning automatically detects connected speakers

  • Network browser to switch speakers to a new wireless network

Performance monitoring over:

  • Excursion limiter

  • Real-time temperature

  • ADC clip detection

  • Power-amp soft limiting

Individual speaker DSP settings

  • 8-band parametric EQ (312AI, 315AI, 328AI)

  • 8 notch filters (312AI, 315AI, 328AI)

  • Variable limiter alignment delay, up to 500 ms in 0.1 ms increments

  • Output-level control

  • Solo

  • Mute

  • Store/load complete speaker setups

  • Copy/paste settings to other speakers

  • Custom labels and comments

Group Speaker Management

  • Group level control

  • Speaker mapping

  • 31-band graphic EQ

  • Store/load graphic EQ presets

  • Speaker-group browser

  • Store multiple speaker groups together

  • Settings are automatically stored in the User Layer onboard each loudspeaker for use away from SL Room Control

Computer system requirements:

Below are the minimum computer-system requirements for SL Room Control.

Apple iPad

  • Apple iPad® 2 or later running OS 7.1 or higher


  • Mac® OS X 10.8 or 10.9 (32-/64-bit)

  • Intel® Core™ Duo 2 GHz

  • 4 GB RAM (more recommended)


  • Windows® 7x 64/x86 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1 x64/x86 or Windows 10 x64/x86

  • Intel Core 2 processor (Intel Core i3 processor or better recommended)

  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)

Mac and Windows systems

  • Ethernet port or wireless connection required

  • Wireless router required

  • A monitor resolution no lower than 1280 x 768 pixels



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