Performer m1000 单声道功率放大器


超紧凑尺寸的功率放大器Performer m1000功率放大器是一台超紧凑设计的功放。这得归功于 VOLTAiR 技术,让功放对扬声器有绝对的控制,直到其负载极限。被设计为单块放大器,这个双极性晶体管...


Performer m1000功率放大器是一台超紧凑设计的功放。这得归功于 VOLTAiR 技术,让功放对扬声器有绝对的控制,直到其负载极限。

被设计为单块放大器,这个双极性晶体管功率放大器可以提供高达1000 W到2欧姆,750 W到4欧姆和420 W到8欧姆至扬声器。

Performer m1000 带有从流式XLR输出和输入微调开关。


Performer m1000 带有一个1375 VA的环芯变压器。在试听过许多次以后,我们toroidal transformer. After many listening tests we are convinced that a fully analog power amplifier with a power supply built around a toroidal transformer sounds superior to digital amplifiers and power amplifiers with switch mode power supplies.

The power supply is equipped with a capacitance of 54400 ?F for screening and electricity storage and a faithful reproduction of impulse peaks.

The toroidal transformer is mounted on a separate mounting plate that sits on 8 rubber dampers to extenuate any mechanical hum noise.


The Performer m1000 has a protection circuit against DC (direct current) voltage at the output and a limiter against overloading the output.

If DC is detected at the output, the amplifier automatically switches off. DC voltage can be an indication for a defect in the power stage or can be induced by other equipment. The Performer m1000 does not automatically switch on again. It needs to be disconnected from the power (on/off). The Protect-LED on the front illuminates red indicating that the protection circuit is activated and the power stage has been switched off.

To protect the output from overload a limiter will be deployed in case the input level is so hot that the output stage will overload. The limiter operates with a so-called LDR which is a light-dependent resistor. This means that the regulating process is in the photo-optical domain and does not affect the audio signal. Only the result of the processing, a resistor value, affects the audio. The Protect-LED on the front illuminates yellow when limiter is working. The Performer m1000 keeps on playing.


The Performer m1000 is equipped with a custom 3,8?H coil made by German high-end specialist Mundorf.

This coil prevents the possibility of oscillation of the power stage. This oscillation can be a result of certain speaker specification. With the Mundorf coil in place a huge variety of speakers can be operated seamlessly.


Heat dissipation is done with a micro-processor controlled fan cooling that only gets activated when the internal temperature exceeds certain limits. In standard operation the fan may not even start working at all. But if so, the fan speed and thereby its noise level is temperature dependent.

At about 50°C /112°F at the heat sink, the amplifier will engage the processor-controlled fan cooling. In the unlikely event that the fan is not capable to cool the power transistors or in case the fan is defective the power amplifier will switch off at 85°C/185°F at the heat sinks. The TEMP LED on the front indicates the overheating. Once the temperature falls below 55°C/131°F the Performer m1000 switches on automatically.


The Performer m1000 is equipped with Neutrik XLR input and output connectors for balanced operation. The input signal is passively routed to the output connector to feed e.g. a second power amplifier for bi-wiring.

The input can be lowered via a Trim rotary switch from 0 dB to -5.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps. This is useful in order to achieve an optimal stereo sweet-spot in acoustically suboptimal rooms. In bi-wiring line-ups or in the studio with multi speaker sets it allows to level speakers with different efficiency to equal loudness.

The speaker connectors are gold plated binding posts. The terminals can accommodate both banana plugs, as well as a wire of up to 4mm diameter.


The Performer m1000 has a 3.5mm mono jack designated as AMP CTL (amplifier control). With the appropriate cable, the Performer can be connected to a preamplifier, so that when you turn the preamplifier on the amplifier is automatically switched on, too. In our Pro-Fi series the Director, Phonitor x and the Crossover provide AMP CTL ports.


You can customize the look of your Performer m1000!

The Performer m1000 comes with three ornamental inlays: in black, red and silver. They can be combined with the chosen color of the main front panel. A neodymium magnet holds the ornamental inlay in place. This allows easy exchange and gives you the unique opportunity to style your power amplifier.


  • Neutrik XLR, 平衡的, Pin 2 = (+)
  • 输入抗阻: 10 kohms
  • 输入修剪调整: 0 dB to -5.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps
  • 输入灵敏度: +6 dBu
  • 输出抗阻: 由连接的设备决定


  • 一对带有4mm线孔的接线柱(可拧螺栓)和香蕉插头


  • 1000 W RMS into 2 ohms
  • 750 W RMS into 4 ohms
  • 420 W RMS into 8 ohms


  • 180 V Peak-to-Peak
  • 64,6 V RMS


  • < 0.031, 20 Hz to 20 kHz


  • > 280, at 1 kHz and 8 ohms


  • 10 Hz to 80 kHz


  • > 118 dB (wide-band, unweighted, referred to full power output)
  • > 123 dB (A-weighted)


  • 26 dB


  • < 0.03 % at 1 kHz, at 420 W, 8 ohms
  • < 0.05 % at 1 kHz, at 750 W, 4 ohms
  • < 0.08 % at 1 kHz, at 1000 W, 2 ohms


  • +/- 60 V


  • 主电压 (可切换): 230 V AC / 50 Hz 或 115 V AC / 60 Hz
  • 保险丝: 230 V: T 6.3 A; 115 V: T 12 A
  • 功耗:最大 1370 VA
  • Idle 功耗: 50 W
  • 待机功耗: 0,3 W


  • 278 mm W x 205 mm H x 375 mm D


  • 24.8 kg(单独产品)
  • 29.3 kg(包装箱)

0 dBu = 0.775 V. 



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